Contribute a story

We want to hear how your business or community has changed and adapted in response to Covid-19.

We’re looking for short 2-5 minute videos or written stories from people all over the UK.

The videos can be just you, filming yourself on your smartphone, or you can involve the people around you (in line with government social distancing guidelines!) There’s no need for it to be polished – it’s the stories we’re really interested in.

You’ll need to login to your Google account to access the forms through the buttons below. If you don’t have a Google account, you can create one easily and for free – see ‘Resources’ link below.

For example

Are you a farmer? How are your usual markets affected? Are you a retailer? How is your business managing? Do you run a pub or a café? What changes are you making? What help are you getting? What will you need long term?

How are you and your family coping? Is your community organising to get much needed supplies to vulnerable or isolated people?

Tell us about what’s important to you – what you want us to know.